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Los palets de madera son muy utilizados en el almacenaje de todo tipo de materiales y una vez utilizados muchos de ellos acaban desechándose. La calidad de su madera nos permite que muchos de ellos se puedan reciclar para acabar siendo unos perfectos muebles hechos con palets.
En este manual de bricolaje os daremos algunas ideas de cómo hacer muebles caseros con palets. No entraremos en detalles, ya que cada mueble necesitara mas o menos trabajo según el diseño que le queramos dar.
Solo os mostraremos algunas fotos para que os hagáis una idea de lo que se puede conseguir reciclando palets para convertirlos en muebles para la casa.

En la siguiente foto puedes ver lo fácil que es hacer una cama de matrimonio a base de palets. Queda perfecto y muy decorativo manteniendo el aspecto de madera, pero se podría pintar del color que mas nos guste.
Cama de palets

También podemos hacer una cama para los más pequeños de lo más original:
Reciclar palets

Como herramientas lo que mas necesitaremos será la sierra de calar para cortar los palets, una lijadora para mejorar el aspecto de la madera, tornillos para madera y cola para las uniones, masilla para madera para tapar desperfectos y los agujeros de los clavos, pintura y barniz,…dependerá mucho del mueble que queramos hacer y la dificultad que tenga.
Como podrás ver en las siguientes fotos, algunos muebles son más difíciles que hacer que otros. En algunos tendremos que cortar los palets a medidas exactas, hacer muchas uniones con tortillería,… en otros nos bastara con instalar unas ruedas para tener la mesa perfecta para el salón:
Silla de palets

Mesa de jardin palets

mesa palets

Simplemente con darles un buen lijado y un barnizado ya nos pueden valer para tener una estantería de lo más original hecha con palets sin ningún tipo de esfuerzo.
Estanteria de palets
Aquí puedes ver otras ideas para utilizar los palets de forma fácil: unas estanterías y un zapatero para tener ordenadas las zapatillas de los niños.
Muebles hechos paletsMuebles caseros

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From Pallet Furniture Blog

Are Pallets Safe to Build With?

I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on the safety of using wood pallets for furniture building and anything really that comes into close contact with people. The simple answer is, there is no simple answer.

What are the issues?
Chemicals and pestisides. Sitting out in the environment around the world.
What pallets are safe?
From what I’ve read it seems that most pallets are stamped ____ or HT. HT means heat treated and are deemed more safe than the other option. This is because there aren’t any chemicals used in the process.
Some comments on the internet have said things like “pallets are used and in close contact with our food, consumer products, and almost anything that is shipped via truck. If they’re really that bad, would we be shipping food on them?” That’s an incredibly valid point. The chemicals used on pallets have probably come in contact to other things that are currently in your house. You just haven’t seen the shipping process so it doesn’t come to mind.
Take it all with a grain of salt.
To be safe I would look for heat treated (HT) pallets. 

Nina Tolstrup: pallet furniture projects

Nina Tolstrup of studiomama has designed a collection of furniture which is constructed
of reclaimed wood taken from unused pallets. on her web-site you can purchase DIY
instructions on how to make our own pallet chair / bench low and high, as well as
the pallet floor lamp.

nina tolstrup's pallet furniture has been shortlisted in the furniture category of the
2010 brit insurance design awards.

pallet chair 'pollocky' by gavin turk
© gavin turk

as part of this pallet project, tolstrup had a number of the pallet chairs customized by british artists,
including gavin turk, cornelia parker and rachel whiteread, which were auctioned off to
raise money for the area of lugano, buenos aires. here photographer and gallerist cecilia glik
has set-up an organization where unemployed locals are manufacturing the low pallet chair
using nina's instructions, turning discarded pallets into sellable furniture, helping people in poverty,
improve their lives.

pallet chair 'untitled' by rachel whiteread
© dennis pederson

pallet 'beach chair' by cornelia parker
© dennis pederson

pallet chair 3/4 view
© stine raarup

pallet chair high (front view)
© stine raarup

pallet chair high (side view)
© stine raarup

pallet floor lamp
© stine raarup

pallet stool for guardian craft supplement
© stine raarup

1X1 table lamp
© richard davies

1X1 table lamp
© stine raarup

1X1 pendant light
© richard davies

1X1 floor lamp
© richard davies

1X1 bookends
© richard davies

block stool blue (front view)
© stine raarup

block stool blue (3/4 view)
© stine raarup

block stool red (3/4 view)
© stine raarup

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25 ways of turning pallets into unique pieces of furniture

25 ways of turning pallets into unique pieces of furniture

A while ago we showed you an article called “21 ways of turning pallets into unique pieces of furniture” where we enumerated a series of original items you could create using pallets. The list was quite long but definitely not exhaustive and since we’ve received good feedback we decided to continue with a second part of the article where we present you even more unique projects you can create with the help of pallets. We tried to come up with new examples, arranged according to the type of product you can create.
1. DIY wine tasting room pallet shelving
DIY wine tasting room pallet shelving
This is an ingenious project created by a couple that opened a wine tasting room and decided to go with a rustic look. As a result they decided to use reclaimed pallets, wine casks, and burlap to create a DIY bar. They ended up with an original, functional and very cheap bar that they were able to make themselves.{found on remodelista}
2. Display shelves
Display shelves
Even though shelves were created as a functional way of adding some useful storage space, they can also be used as a decorative space in the form of display shelves. Check out this beautiful piece made of reclaimed lumber. It doesn’t involve pallets but it’s still the type of project you could do by yourself with minimal resources.{found on etsy}
3. Kitchen shelves
Kitchen shelves
One place where you can never have too much storage space is the kitchen. There will always be something that you need to store somewhere. Shelves usually come in very handy in kitchens for items that you either use very often and you avoid storing them in cabinets or for items that you rarely use and that are used mostly for display. These practical shelves have been made out of a pallet. All you need to do is maybe cut it to the right dimensions and mount it on the wall.{found on flickr}
4. DIY coat rack
DIY coat rack
DIY coat rack
DIY coat rack
DIY coat rack
DIY coat rack
I personally find this piece very interesting. It’s a coat rack that was made of a wood pallet. All they did was to mount it on the wall and use some paint to give it a fresh and dynamic look. You can use different colors like in this case or go for something simpler.{found on shelterness}
Sofas and benches
5. DIY potting bench
DIY potting bench
If you like flowers, here’s an original idea for a new garden accessory. This cute bench was made of two pallets. It’s only an example of how it could look. Of course, you can come up with your own design, maybe a more elaborate one that would accommodate even more plants. You can also paint it or leave it like that.{found on bhg}
6. DIY garden lounge chair
DIY garden lounge chair
DIY garden lounge chair
DIY garden lounge chair
DIY garden lounge chair
DIY garden lounge chair
If you’re lucky enough to have a garden then you probably know how relaxing and pleasant it is to go there and simply enjoy the quiet and the green surroundings. Imagine doing that in a comfortable lounge chair that, by the way, you can create by yourself. All you need are pallets. We’ve presented a similar project in the first article so you can check that one for more details on how to make the chair.{found ondekorella}
7. Pallet bed platform
Pallet bed platform
As you’ve seen by now, there are many ways in which you can use pallets to create useful items for the home. This one is a more elaborate project that results in a bed platform. In this case you’re definitely going to need more than one pallet. All you need to do is secure them together and also pay attention to the dimensions. You can paint them or leave them as such.{found on gallery}
8. Toddler pallet bed
Toddler pallet bed
Since it’s so easy and cheap to create pieces of furniture using pallets, why not use them for more elaborate projects, like a toddler bed for example. The fact that you choose to make a bed out of pallets for your child doesn’t mean you’re not willing to pay more for his/her comfort but it shows how creative you can be and I’m sure your kid will be happy to help you with the project. For this project you’ll need 2 pallets, 4-5 bolts, short wood screws, long wood screws, one 2x4x10 piece of lumber and 5 caters with locks.{found on flickr}
9. Pallet bench
Pallet bench
A bench is relatively easy to make using pallets. It takes les than 2 hours to make and it’s both cheap and creative. The bench requires two pallets. For a more eye-catching look you can paint it and also add some cushions for more comfort.{found on designesponge}
10. Shipping pallet daybed
Shipping pallet daybed
Shipping pallets are perfect for creating a bed. They are basically already cut to the right dimensions and all you have to do is stack two of them one on top of each other, secure them and add a mattress. If you’re feeling especially talented, you can also add some storage units like drawers for example but you’re going to need a lot of patience for that.{foudn on casasugar}
11. DIY beachfront retreat
DIY beachfront retreat
Another creative way of suing pallets is to use them to create a shaded corner near the beach or the lake, somewhere where you can have some intimacy and relax. In this case the pallets are the base. You’ll also need something soft, like a mattress, to place on top. Use a sheet and two sticks to create a shelter and you’re done. You can recreate this anywhere.{found on housandhome}
12. Pallet wall panel
Wall panel from pallets
If you have the patience and the time you can create something similar to this. It’s a wall panel made entirely of pallets. In order to create this you’ll have to disassemble the pallets and take each piece and mount it on the wall until it’s completely covered with wood. You’ll probably also have to cut some pieces. At the end you can add a glossy finish or even paint the wall for a fresh look.{found here}
13. Wood planter
Wood planter
Here’s another creative idea for a DIY project. You can use pallets or any other parts of wood to create a planter. It’s actually very simple. Decide on the dimensions and the rest will come to you. Since wood is not the best option for a planter because of the moisture, you’ll probably have to use it as a container for a planter. Still, it’s a ingenious idea.{found here}
14. Christmas tree
Christmas Tree from Pallets
This is probably the most surprising project till now. It’s a Christmas tree made of a pallet. It’s not the most festive decorative you could make but it’s a funny project. It’s something original and, even though it’s not something that everybody would love, I find it fun and actually quite inspiring.{found on flickr}
15. Pallet floors
Floor from pallets
It was about time someone would realize that pallets are basically pieces of wood and they resemble the parquet some of us have in their homes. This means you could use pallets to cover your floor and create a rustic and original look. There’s no need to explain the process as it’s very simple and you can figure it out by yourselves.{found on picasaweb}
16. A very easy and simple project is making a headboard for your bed. Pallets are actually quite helpful in this case because they already have the shape that you need. What you have to do is basically just attach the pallet to the bed. If you want you can cover it with fabric or paint it.
17. Pallet coffee table
Pallete coffe table
If I remember correctly, we showed something similar in the first article on this topic. This is another example of a simple and basic coffee table that was made from a pallet. As you can see, it’s made of two identical pieces stack one on top of each other and secured. This also provides you with a storage space between them.{found here}
18. TV unit
Tv unit from pallet
Pallets can also be sued to create a TV unit for example. This one is quite small and very simple. It features a thin wood base and a pallet on top of it. The space between can be used to store different items. This particular item is a mobile unit. For that you need to visit the hardware store where you can find everything you need.{found here}
19. Small pallet coffee table
Small pallet coffee table
Here’s another cute coffee table. This one is smaller and more compact. It was also made from a pallet. It features a storage space like the other one. What differentiates it is the size and the fact that it’s a mobile coffee table. This one was painted in a darker finish.{found on etsy}
20. Pallet picnic table
Picnic table from pallets
This colorful item is a picnic table and it was made from a pallet. As you can see, it can an interesting structure that also includes two benches. You’ll have to cut the pallet in several pieces and probably make some measurements first. Since it’ a picnic table, it should be fun so opt for a bright color.{found on ana-white}
21. Pallet sectional and matching table
Loft dreams with pallte tables
Here’s a more elaborate project that involves a sectional and matching coffee table. They were both made of pallets. The sectional seems like a very complex project but it simpler than you might think. You just need to decide on the dimensions and simple make a sturdy base using pallets. Add mattresses or cushions and you’re done. The coffee table is even simpler. Just cut the pallet into the shape you desire and visit the hardware store for some casters. You can also add a glass top.{found oncalinteriors}
22. Pallet desk
Pallet desk
If you feel like you need a place in the house just for you, where you could work or simply be alone, maybe you should make yourself a desk. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for that because you can make it from wood pallets. You can use this one as inspiration. It even has storage units underneath for files and other items.
23. Pallet sofa
Pallet sofa
It might not seem like a very elegant option, but you can actually use pallets to create a sofa for your living room. It might not be the best choice for an elegant living room, but in a contemporary home it would actually integrate nicely. The base is simple to make and then you have to worry about the looks. You can paint it in a similar color as the one of the mattress or cushions you’re planning or using like in this example or you can have fun and go crazy with the colors.{found on here}
24. Outdoor dining table
Outdoor dining table
When you think about it, a wood dining table would actually integrate naturally into the décor. Here’s an example of such a piece that was made from a pallet. Notice how simple and authentic it looks. It’s very beautiful and has a rustic look.{found on red-nest}
25. Union Jack coffee table
Union Jack coffee table
This is actually similar to other coffee tables we’ve already presented. However, I was worth showing it because of it’s original design. The coffee table was made from a pallet and it got a very interesting look. Paint was used to create the British flag and it came out very convincing. This is a coffee table that would look remarkably beautiful in a contemporary home.{found on trescherechattel}